Working Together

Find Out More About How Hundred Acre Helps

Look After You and Your Business

My mission is to make Hundred Acre Everyone’s Safe Place

From individuals to multi-billion-pound businesses. From just down the road, to around the globe. I have experience of helping them all.

Don’t worry if you’re not yet sure what you need or if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’m here to reassure you that you’re in the right place to find the peace of mind and support you are looking for.  


The foundation of Everyones Safe Place

The traditional bit - Advice, support, and guidance on all aspects of health and safety for you and your business.

While I am frequently asked, I can’t simply take the problem away from you as you are accountable, but we will work together so I get to know you, your business, and your team. We will consider where you’re struggling, what you need, identify priorities, and work together to develop an action plan to move forward.

I’ve worked a lot of different businesses around the world, so I know every one of them is unique. That’s why the consultancy support Hundred Acre offers is tailored to you for as many or few days as you need.

Coaching and Mentoring

This bit is personal.

There’s so much to know, far too much to juggle and sometimes you just wish you had a friendly wingman.

Allocating time to focus and develop with a person who can share advice and strategies to help you move forward is priceless.

I can no longer remember a time when I didn’t have a coach supporting me and my world. It has made an incredible difference to both my life and business, which is why when the world shut down in 2020, I trained to be a coach myself.

Whether your focus is career development in the health and safety world, additional support that you just don’t have at work, a sounding board who’s experienced in the world of business or something else; I can help you and your business thrive.


My favourite bit!


Every day is a school day, we don’t know what we don’t know, and I am a huge believer that we must never stop learning.

The formal bit - If you employ people to work for you, whether they’re direct members of staff or contractors, you are required by law to provide appropriate health and safety training for the job they have been assigned to do. As every business is different, Hundred Acre delivers IOSH accredited courses, or bespoke courses written specifically for you.

I am an experienced trainer and international speaker and I wear my heart on my sleeve to make every session

engaging and relevant to the delegates who attend. Sharing stories and encouraging discussion can sometimes be very emotional.

Whether its me or one of Hundred Acre’s associate trainers, we will work with you to ensure you get the training you need; every single course.

So, whether you need induction courses, refresher training or even senior management training, let’s chat about how I can help.  

I just need your help?

If you’ve looked at some of the ways Hundred Acre can help and you’re not sure what’s right for you, that’s perfectly normal!

It just means it’s time to get in touch.

I’m excited to learn more about you.


“Bridget was supportive, efficient, enthusiastic and passionate about what she did.

With Bridget’s help we designed a new regime of health and safety compliance.

Would I recommend Bridget?

Yes. Because she won’t let you down; it’s as simple as that.

There are very few people who I would recommend, but Bridget is one of them.”


I approached Bridget to coach me as I was at a point in my life where I felt lost and unhappy and needed some help and direction in moving forward.

Bridget has been an amazing coach, who has guided me through some difficult times of redundancy with compassion, empathy and understanding.

Bridget has encouraged me to take steps towards areas that I have been struggling with and to take action.

I am very grateful to Bridget for being such a great support.


“Bridget has very good communication skills and is a very personable individual who is able to help understand a client’s needs and then deliver on what she’s promised.

She has an honest approach because she genuinely wants what is best for the client.

I would absolutely recommend Bridget.”